1. Spring

    Date 06 Jul 2018

  2. A Woman Eats Alone

    Date 15 May 2018
    LA. Emily and I meet at noon at Taix Restaurant off Sunset Blvd. The patrons are middle-aged and ordering soup. I’m wearing a pleated skirt and red t-shirt, feeling underdressed across the table from my muse. We slowly rip apart french bread and discuss weight gain and dementia. The restaurant

  3. Gold Roll (CA)

    Date 03 Mar 2018
    LA.  I’ve decided to wear a beret— LA is freakishly freezing. I’m invited to a party at a roller rink but I arrive too late for entry, so I linger in the parking lot and wait to see who comes out the rainbow doors of Moonlight Rollerway. Streams of

  4. Fairy Fever

    Date 01 Mar 2018
    LA. The moon unfolds like a white iris, gazing down at us. After Alexis and I decorate the venue (all the while wearing high heels) girls and boys stroll into the Hollywood garden wearing faux leather, faux fur, faux flowers. The dreamy attendees bring macaroons and berries.  Cell phones are

  5. Winter

    Date 28 Feb 2018
    NYC.  Friends visit and at one point I have six guests. Galentine’s Day is a new holiday, essentially developed by Leslie Knope, and something I am more than happy to partake in. I make red and gold glitter paper hearts as a gift to my friends. 

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